{Weekend: Michigan}

A few weeks ago my family and I went away to Michigan and visited South Haven and Saugutauk for the weekend. It was such a blessed time (and a much-needed break before finals week).

We started off the weekend in South Haven, an adorable port town that we found on one of our drives. Here we stopped into a unique coffee shop called the Living Room. We noticed a bookshelf with used books, and T-Shirts that were up for sale in the back and bible verses written on the massive chalkboard on the wall, not only that but there was a very different feel to the place. It was easy to see that this shop was bathed in prayer. We struck up a conversation with the owner, whose name was Lucie, and found out that this wasn’t just a coffee shop but also a crisis center for the community. During our conversation, Lucie gave her history/testimony of the coffee shop. Years ago, God had put on her heart the mission to open a coffee shop where people could feel safe and minister together; years passed and while walking downtown South Haven her daughter pointed out a disserted place that might be used for her coffee shop, though the price was good it was still out of range for what they could afford. A while after, a church approached her and her family to take on a ministry….. in the very space, her daughter had pointed out before.  She of course accepted and began the renovations for the building, even here God was present, providing  workmen from the church who refurbished the space and other members who provided furniture for the building. In the end, she was able to finally jumpstart the ministry she had envisioned years before.  When she finished, we were in awe of seeing God’s hand so beautifully present in his plan for her life and her family. Before we left we prayed together and promised to keep in touch.

We continued to Saugatuck, a port town where probably every artist in Michigan resides or at least owns a summer house. We walked around and visited multiple shops, one of which was a free trade market shop called Otalvalito, that sold handmade organic products made by artisans in Latin America. We purged this store. My mom bought an Alpaca doll made from Alpaca fur and named it Roly (she has yet to stop cooing at it like a pet), my dad bought a pinky ring and a fedora, my sister suggested we all buy woven bracelets and I bought a massive purse with the colors of the sunset (Best.Buy. Ever.). I individually went  on to a used bookstore and bought Movable Feast, a book I’d been longing to read for the summer. After that we popped into a few more stores (including me almost going into a Wickin store. But fortunately my mom saw the signs and informed me of my mistake before I went in), we picked up probably the best ginger lemonade that was ever consumed, hit a few local artist galleries and then hit the road again.

On our way back, Alex spotted a beautiful gallery/store on the side of the road so we pulled over to get a better look. This friend is how we found Roan + Black. Man oh man, I though my mom and sister were going to have a heart palpitation when they saw the amazing goodies this place held, it was a parade of  books, and home accessories that will make you drool. We got into a conversation with the owners and found out hey started as a contemporary art gallery and opened their store not long after. The gallery was as gorgeous as the store. When we left, we went to get pizza at Silver Beach Pizza, which is a moment of bliss in it of itself. As the day ended, we were poorer, fatter and much much happier.


I have the links to all the places we visited below.

The Living Room










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