{She wanted a good tomato}

{To my mama}

She wanted a good tomato
The tomatoes here filled her with dread
So pithy, sour and weakly red
so she went to Israel for a tomato to make her smile
Even if it took a million mile
She landed in the foreign land
And though that it would just be grand
To find a tomato that tasted just right
And make it worth the long, long flight
She searched the streets high and low
Hoping the little shops would show
A tomato as beautiful, ripe and red
As she had dreamed of in her head
Finally the there in a merchant’s stall
In crates stacked up against the wall
Were brilliant tomatoes ruby red
she beamed walked towards the boxes against the wall
Took the tomatoes and bought them all
the tomato so firm and plump
They fell into the bag with a satisfying thump
She hurried home with great haste
To settle down and have a taste
When she finally bit into the fruit, its taste so pure and sweet
So full and ripe and truly good, a pure delicious treat.
She let the juice fall down her chin and she smiled as she thought
“A truly good tomato, and in Israel… Who would have thought?



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