{My Music Tastes}

Music is a major part of who I am, which is why I dedicated an entire section on my blog to sharing the kind of music that I love. One fact about me and my music tastes is that I rarely like only one specific band or artist, but usually lean towards a specific sound or message within the song.

I enjoy some of the pop songs that make summer hits (uptown funk anyone?), and oddly enough, Italian pop from the 60’s (because I’m just that unique), however the majority of the music I love and come back to again and again is the indie genre. Personally I’m not one for genres, I believe that good music is good music and if you can strip it down to base tune and lyrics and still have power, than it’s (to me) a good song. Thats probably one of the reasons I love Indie music, it has a raw quality thats often masked in other types of music, either in the voice, lyrics or tune, the Appalachian sound is pure to me. Its mellow nature has a calming effect and often resembles folk songs in their communal sound, as though it is verbalizing the universal troubles, folklore and voice of one people.

Even in its sub-genres,  Indie music is a favorite. I love indie rock, in the very cool, 60’s mod, type feeling, like Two Door Cinema Club, Arctic Monkeys, Temper Trap, and the Neighborhood. Indie music, has a raw reminiscence that cuts to bare bones, even in its most mellow form.

Here are some songs I love


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