{Modern Wing}


Maybe I’m just an old lady at heart (scratch that, I AM an old lady at heart), but I get tittlated at the idea of going downtown and visiting the Art Institute. Last week Alex and I went downtown, and visited the Modern Wing for an assignment in Alex’s ceramix class, and I am proud to say I navigated us from the train station to the museum all on my own (a true moment of Jesus taking the wheel).

The Modern Wing is the exact opposite  of where I usually haunt the museum, however with a full semester of humanities lodged in my brain, Alex and I got into student mode, analyzing everything we saw. As it turns out, there are some angry artists who just want to start a rumble with a lump of cement. However it was good to go back and discover the beautiful works done in minimalist style, that truly highlighted the actual mediums. It’s beautiful to see the other side of something that you think you know so well.

p.s I got a massive bruise on my knee from when I walked in to a pole while taking the above photo.



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