I’ve resolved myself to find the beauty in any place.

I believe with all my heart, that light can make beauty out of anything,

be it wreckage, desertion or destruction, when light finds it, for that moment

its washed, purified.

Softening the edges of that desolation so all you see

is glittering iridescence.

I believe in The Light.

I believe in His power to transform anything, erasing what made it that way, and the

sadness we may see,

into new,

in that light, shattered windows sparkle as if forged from diamonds,

broken walls stand again,

and the foundations of this place, rotted at first, are reborn

in the forgiving rays of sunrise.

Yes, my love, I believe in this Light.


{I do not own these photos}


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  1. Oh my this is beautiful and thought provoking. What a wonderful gift. Mike.

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