{Never too Late}

It is never too late

don’t give in to defeat or self hate

instead look to the reigning love

that will always come down from above.

When you feel at the end of your rope

always hold on to that hope

that God can see beyond just this

and into a future of intangible bliss.

Our lives can’t be perfect or easy or neat,

but when trouble arrives we lay it at his feet

because we will stumble, get up and again yet fall

God is never farther than a whisper or call.

When defeated discouraged and lost

remember your savior payed that cost

Look up to the heavens, and with a smile on your face

allow your savior to bathe you in grace.

By Nicole Dominguez


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  1. Beautifully written. Agree wholeheartedly. :) Best, phoebe

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