{Uniquely You}

The authors of the Gospel wrote from different backgrounds and to different audiences. “Matthew wrote to a jewish audience, presenting jesus as the great teacher, the fullfillment of prophecy, and the king of the Jews, referencing to the old testament as Christ being the fullfillment of prophecy. Mark wrote about Christ to the Romans as a person of action. Luke, a doctor and gentile, wrote to the greeks and the gentiles about the universal Jesus- the Savior of the world.”

All these different accounts are needed to get a wider spectrum of who God is. These men wrote in different ways, modes attitides and mindsets, to different audiences. These perspectives reflect us and Christ. Every person learns in a different way. It’s all one truth and one message, but there are different needs in every person, thats why we’re unique! Because of our needs and character are drawn to a certain characteristics of Christ thats the tether of our faith and pulls us closer to see the whole character of Christ.

We are made in the image of God, and God is by no means one characteristic just as we’re more than one characteristic. So why would we put a one dimentional faith in a multi-dimensional God? God’s characteristics are given in the bible through how He interacts with His children and who He’s told us He is. Naturally, its the same with Christ, He is all the traits that the Gospel writers claim He is and more; thats why we need all the Gospels to create a complete picture of Christ. Christ calls us by name and by our individuality because He wants a personal relationship that shows us how He is exactly what we need.

Christ is so dimentional that there will always be a characteristic of Christ that draws us to Him, and provides the strength, answers, love, guidance, hope, rest, relief, faith, patience, compassion, voice, comfort, ear, deliverance, clarity, knowledge, wisdom, determination, energy and 1,000 more for all that we require of Him.


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