{Boho Vegetable Stew}

This recipe is based off of an amazing blogger called Ella Grace Denton her blog is http://www.weneedtolivemore.com. She has a lot of great vegan recipies and amazing photographs. I’m preparing to become vegetarian this summer, and as a trial run I’m looking up amazing vegetarian meals and this was one of them. I tweaked the recipe to accommodate to my own taste, you can do basically anything with this stew! It’s hearty and warm without weighing you down. This can be poured over rice or pasta or an amazing tomato soup alternative with grilled cheese!


Cook in pot on medium heat (25 minutes):

1x Tin of chopped tomatoes 

1x garlic glove

1/2 Zucchini 

1/2 Onion

1/2 Sweet Potato 

Handful of spinach or kale

1 cup vegetable stock


1 tsp Paprika

Add in for last 10 minutes:

100g of Chickpeas!





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  1. I love this! This looks good.

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