{Love Poem #1}


Let me see you.
Not in the physical sense but in soul.
I want to hear your thoughts.
I want to fill out a quiz or questionnaire
and know all your answers.
I want you to reprimand me for leaving my hairpins all around the bathroom
or that my stockings are creeping into your sock drawer.
But I also want mornings in bed together,
doing our devotional,
talking quietly,
or staying silent.
I want those moments when we can say
nothing, but I mean everything.
I want you you to pray with me.
Cry openly and lean, forehead to forehead as my sorrows flow from my soul.
Laugh with me about everyday things.
I need us together with God between melting us together.
I want to watch period dramas with you,
and even though you don’t admit it, you love them.
I want to hold your pinky as we walk,
your hand absentmindedly stroking the tendrils on the back of my neck as you drive.
I want you to wrap me up in your arms and say nothing,
kissing my shoulder as we dance at midnight in the kitchen.
I want to hear your heartbeat,
breathing you in as you speak.
Burying myself into your sweaters
whether your in them or not.
I want you.


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