{A Good Marriage}

“I want you to understand and be fully aware of my feelings concerning marriage covenant which we are about to enter. I have been taught at my mothers knee, and in harmony with the word of God that the marriage vows are inviolable, and in entering into them I’m binding myself to you absolutely and for life. The idea of estrangement from you through divorce for any reason (although God allows one- infidelity) will never at any time be allowed to enter into my thinking. I am not naive in this. On the contrary, I am fully aware of the possibility, unlikely as it now appears, that mutual incompatibility or other unforeseen circumstances could result in extreme mental suffering. If such becomes the case, I’m resolved for my part to accept it as a consequence of the commitment I am now making and to bear it, if necessary, to the end of our lives together. I have loved you dearly as a sweetheart and will continue to love you as my wife. But over and above that, I will love you with a Christian love that demands I never react in any way towards you to jeopardize our prospects of entering heaven, which is the supreme objective of both our lives. And I pray that God Himself will make our affection for one another perfect and eternal.”

Letter from James C. Dobson, Sr. to his then fiancé and
future wife Myrtle 


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