{Winter Mornings}

This morning I woke up to a blessed calm. Snow was falling and I was burrowed and warm in my bed, hair a mess, filled with a fragile peace. As I just lay there listening to Ghost by Folly & The Hunter, immersed in this little moment of calm before having to get up and start the day. I cherish these little pauses that are dense with blessings and fill us with joy overflowing. I’ve started to see more and more of these little moments that make me feel so incredibly happy, even if it’s for a minute ,they make such a difference for the rest of the day. In response, I’ve begun to write down these experiences in a journal along with other childhood memories and it makes a world of difference. Having these experiences in print and being able to look back at them makes it easier to appreciate the amazing impact of everyday moments. So I invite you to do the same, write down those moments, (on a piece of paper, a notebook, notepad, and in a pinch, your arm), if writings not your style record yourself recounting them, draw it, paint it, photograph it, anything as long as you can have it in one place to look back on. God is in the little moments.


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