{Poem #40}

I think of the people so small 
Who believe in life there’s no call.
Who believe in the vain and inane 
Depend on the profane 
And in it there’s some gain. 
How empty.
To believe this is all there is.
To settle for less 
Believing its best
Getting lost in the crowd 
Adapting the shroud 
Of the proud.
Don’t get lost my brother
Don’t depend upon another
There is life more than death 
There is power in your breath
So live and have hope
Not empty efforts to just cope
You have purpose your a prize 
Life’s not measured by it size
Don’t just live to get it over with
There are others who beg for this
One more minute to be happy
I’m not saying this to be sappy
There is truth in my words 
Don’t just settle for the herds
Who are desperate to conform
You were made for a different form
You are here so you must have meaning
If on yourself you are leaning 
Be free from your own danger 
Don’t be subject to your anger
There is more to life than this 
If you don’t believe me hear this:
“But when he who had set me apart before I was born,… called me by his grace,”
By Nicole Dominguez


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