Youtuber and film maker Jack Harris recently posted a video where he elequently articulated his appriciation for the filmmaking democracy that is Youtube. In this poem he beautifully states how Youtube is indeed a launching pad for musicians, filmmakers and  creators that wish to make there own way without the middle man of media publication. I admire the stamina and evolution that Youtube has become, and its because of the pioneering efforts of creators like Jack Harris, Ben Brown, Shannon Saunders and Will Darbyshire.

   These are artist that don’t post for self glorification but glorification of thought, adventure and creativity that simply cannot stand still. I’m one of those that’s wary when it comes to internet success, but as Harris states, it’s through hard work and dedication. Their prominance didn’t come overnight and as many people attempt to discourage these creators I will vouch that though they started there, they will not stay there. They can’t be generalized to the masses of celebraties who hoped to follow the yellow brick road (paved by Justin Beiber) but are part of a seprate league. In the end, its those vetrens of Youtube that used it as a catalyst for something great, that will leave a legacy much stronger than those in media. 

  You-tubers speak to the viewer directly, unfiltered and open, with a freedom that can only be claimed by people who aren’t restricted by multimedia publications. The difference is that some use media for popularity, yet the real warriors of Youtube got there through the support of people who belived in them. Youtubers like Jack Harris don’t take it for granted, they recognize and atribute their success to those believers and first subsribers. 

When i first came accross Jacksgap I though it was a cute british dork with a twin and a camera. But now he’s evolved to a creator, filmmaker, and visionary that has expanded beyond his own copacity of creation to something amazing. His dedication to film and his use of YouTube, I believe, has made him stronger as a person and as an craftsman. Him and others are the youtubers that used the platform to the full and they’re giving me hope for the internet’s future.


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