{I Write}

Blindly I write. 
Im only fueled by an emotion, a thought, a phrase. 
I’m not confident so I pray. 
I pray for clarity and God reaches in my vulnerable mind
and I ask, I beg, for him to give me structure.
I feel Him come to my mind and unscramble. 
He tugs at a line and phrase for phrase he pulls out the thought and I see reason. 
I see it all. 
don’t stop me now 
because I see clarity 
and yet a miracle that will only become reason when I write. 
Boldly I face my thoughts and nothing ending, noting seen I see and yet it is. 
Yet I know now because I write.
Beauty merges and I know He’s with me, 
He sees me, 
He knows me 
and has the window to who I can be. 
He sees what I can be. 
He sees what I can make and in Him alone I can. 
I write because I need it, the need to write flows from me like a blinding light and only by God’s will does it have form and a purpose that expels all I could imagine.


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