{Rhapsody in Blue}

The needle drops on black and sound explodes.
The reel begins in my mind and the music molds,
The scratches snag the song and jolts me.
The music is distant, like it’s coming through a tunnel,
whirling and winding in my mind, transporting me.
Like a vintage photograph, faded, but dense with memories.
I see the music.
Notes become pictures, lines become stories,
the modulation comas giving pause to sound but not thought.
My mind explodes, unable to process such content.
The collection of lines weave and form constructing a metropolis.
The trumpets blast create skyscrapers, the violins make streets that wind,
And piano keys play windows that make me see the song.
Sound to words, words to pictures, and pictures to emotion.
I’m transported and hallucinate with the scratches of voice.
Strings played with passion and keys struck with conviction.
I feel it.
Stronger than emotion but parallel to epiphany.
The music fades and all that’s left is the fuzz and scratch,
Accompaniment to my denouement.
The experience melts off me and I’m naked in today.


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