{Pointless Post}

In the whir of fall I’ve forgotten to write. My posts, usually a collection of ramblings or some devotional I wrote years ago, has some subject. I cannot promise that for this post.
I said it once, I’ll say it again, I love fall; it’s amazing the joy I get from this season and every year my love is rekindled and I feel complete contentment. I am at my peak in fall. School’s beginning, I can burrow in wool and just be considered ‘hipster’, a new season of my life is beginning creating a fresh start for new friends and experiences.
My friend Jared’s band was opening for another band recently and so being the good friend I am I got to see them preform for the first time. Overall, they played in a corner where you could only hear the drums and guitar vibrating you to your very core despite the passionate singing of Kyle, the lead singer. It was loud and rowdy but wonderful. :)
I’m also becoming obsessed with beauty DIY, raiding Pinterest for recipes on how to make your own lip balm! (FYI cocoanut oil, baking soda, lemons and apple cider vinegar can do anything!) My family’s taking it all in stride indulging me and my absurd questions: “do we have dandelion root tea?”.
Another wild event that occurred over the summer was the themed sweet sixteen of a friend. It was Indian themed, with Indian and Thai food, a ludicrous Bollywood film and HENNA!!! Every guest was given a gorgeous henna tattoo that lasted all of 6 days. I got one on my neck that was beautiful (pictures to come).
Overall I’ve been doing well and hope you are too. I honestly don’t know what my blogging will look like for the next six months so look out and be patient with me. ;)


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