{He is Lord}

He is creator of creation 
And architect of all.
He is Lord
Our Lord and guide forever more.
He is Lord.
He has paved the path to lead us home and is walking us down it one step at a time.
He is Lord.
He cannot be ignored, replaced, rejected, disproved, or undone.
He is Lord.
He will love us till the end and never leaves us unfinished.
He is lord.
The lover of my soul, prince of peace, creator of justice, and omnipotent sovereign.
He is Lord.
We are pressed through trials, effected by earth, stained by sin and burdened with pain.
Yet, By His powerful love we are protected by constancy, comforted by unbroken promises,
cleansed by sacrifice, and lightened with mercy.
He is Lord.
I praise Him because he grants me forgiveness, is delighted by my faith, urges my understanding, answers my call, and mends by brokenness.
He is Lord.
He’s cleansed me when I felt unapproachable, shielded me through fire, and broke heaven to rescue me. 
He is Lord. 
He’s brought me from the pit of despair, caught me when I’ve fallen, granted joy beyond understanding, and sacrificed himself in my stead. 
He is Lord.
His power unending, his promises fulfilled and unbroken, his knowledge and leading trustworthy, so I worship him, standing beside him honored to belong to such a sovereign.
He is Lord.


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