{I’m Over You}

For anyone living in the north, specifically in Chicago or Indiana, you know that I’m referring to winter. What once was a winter wonderland now looks ( and feels) like the arctic tundra. I no longer want Jack Frost nipping at my nose and I’m looking at the excessive icicles on the town houses roofs like Satan’s fangs mocking me. I love winter, no doubt, but there is a cutting off point (four or five inches to be exact) and I could face it all if it were not for ice that covers the entire driveway. So therefore, I’m ready for spring and need a break before going through this again and hopefully after the snow melts I’ll regain my patience for cold. In short, winter, your no longer cute.

Here’s some picks of our ice rink driveway and me standing next to a 3ft icicle that I’ve named Hugo. We got so attached that he just couldn’t let me go…… ;)








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