What other god?

In God I am limitless.
Without the bonds of sin I’m unrestrained.
With a God that humbled Himself, suffered our sufferings and beyond,
in pursuit of us out of love.
What else do you need? Contemplate this:
Is there any other god who would give up his grandeur and divinity
submit Himself to humanity and the physical dependency it 
imply’s, out of infinite love?
He is working in me. 
Asks us, His creation, to come into our existence 
and complete us, filling the gap first felt after the fall,
And bring us back from inaction to in action.
He brought us back into perfect unity on the shoulders of the cross,
Forged out of the long promised Covenant in Jesus Christ.
All of this, out of desperate love and longing to be with His children.
Tell me, what other god has done that?


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