{New Year}

Hello Dawlings,
So sorry that I haven’t been writing as regularly as I would like but I’ve been busy with prep for school and such. Orientation for my co-op was yesterday and got to see my classmates again, who, before summer break, I promised to get together with……. Well that was a bust. The irony lives on. In all truth, I’m really glad that fall is coming. It’s the same rant I give every year: I get sick of summer, the heat and the fact I can’t layer my clothing and wear my boots. What can I say? I like to burrow and I’m more a cold weather kinda person. Sue me. Some of my best accomplishments this summer that I can cross off my Bucket list are:
I went a week without using my phone
finished a journal
used a fake name at Starbucks. (Iam Noone, and River Song comment if you get it)
I got to see my amazing cousins
Got hooked on country music
And met some Whovians! ( who happened to be my cousins)

Overall, I loved it all but I’m ready for a new year. Are you?


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