He saw her everyday, on the other platform

and she was beautiful.

He saw her every morning at the same time and wondered what her story was.

He quickly became drawn to who she was and though they never spoke he looked forward to those few moments every morning when he would see her.

From the way she moved, the way she sat, he came to know her.
how she moved her head the way she wrote, the eager bright look on her face were more reasons for him to want to see her.

Before the train passed he would watch her.

His thoughts drifted to her in the early hours.

He thought of who she was, he didn’t know her name. He simply called her “Her”.

He wondered how he could care so much about someone he never knew.

And from these moments a caring affection began to grow.

He wondered if she noticed him as well.

And she did.

He didn’t know that she loved him too.

He never noticed how she saw him as well and wondered at his life.

He never knew that she thought of him and waited for those moments.

She didn’t know his name but simply called him ” Him”

They never knew how much they meant to each other.

That is until one day they said “Hello”

And entered into a friendship and a quiet love, from which they never recovered.

And it began when he saw her everyday on the platform

and found her beautiful.



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