F. Scott Fitzgerald is known for his sensual, whimsical, modern, even calculating leading ladies, however, there’s a common thread of restlessness in all of them.This kind of consistency could be put down to writing style, and though that’s a contributing factor, the main reason for it is probably because of environment and the people he surrounded himself with, namely, his wife, Zelda.

Zelda’s manic and capricious behavior are well known and statements made by Fitzgerald’s femme fatale’s are eerily similar to statements of Zelda’s own, one reason maybe that Fitzgerald frequently read her diary taking excerpts from it and using them to give voice to his female leads, such as Gloria, Nicole and, most famously, Daisy. This caused major tension between the couple, causing them to grow apart, but the fact is, though Fitzgerald drew heavily upon his wife’s intense personality for his writings and even exploited some of her own works, it resulted in some of the most famous characters ever known. Zelda was neither an angel nor a raging maniac, but her reputation as “the first flapper” gave inspiration for brilliant literature.




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