The Madman with a Blue Box.


O.k I’m now a Whovian. So I’ve crossed over, not to the point were I’m on the dark side but close enough that I was fighting with my mom in Barnes&Nobel over the importance that I get the Tardis figurine(I could understand why she wouldn’t let me get the sonic screwdriver, but COME ON! it had sound effects!). I’m a total Doctor Eleven girl now but I still have quite a lot of questions.

First off, with all the jet setting to the past (or time traveling, Tardis cruising whatever makes your fez stand up) why is it their able to enter 1500’s Venice and no one asks questions on why the companions and even the Doctors are wearing shorts, converse, leather jackets and t-shirts with there faces on them?! Secondly, a blazing blue police box is planted in an ally in the past and the worst that happens is that a bunch a flyers gets stuck on it? Really? Honestly, the people in history must have been a lot more laid back, or the Tardis had corroded the brain waves to make them be presented in a more appropriate way, ( like the whole language/communication issue is sorted out).

Lastly why are the companions not freaked to the point of a mental unravelling when they see these aliens? I personally would lock myself in my house go into the fetal position and pray if I saw half of the crud these “companions” face. Maybe I’m just not the “companion” material, after all I never was a “ride or die girl” I mean I have questions, where are we riding to? Does this alien look like a giant bug again? Will I remember i saw this thing or will I have to draw tally marks to remember? Can I just be a “stay in the Tardis and meet up later”chick?

Overall, I’m still a fan of the series though with some episodes I skip cuz’ I don’t want to see the Ganger, or a kid wearing a gasmask (but I must admit that I’m shocked at some of the material I’m able to take alien wise). Questions aside I still enjoy the Doctor, his humor and the crazy,if corny, worlds he’s brought me to.


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