The Numb Nation… Continued.

A few weeks ago a close friend commented on my previous post A Numb Nation and he brought up a very good point with Einstein’s quote that we are becoming a generation of idiots but my friend pointed out that:
“Not only did he predict our generation of desensitized idiots (with a few exceptions), but I think he also knew quite well the human capacity for idiocy in any age: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not so sure about the former.” -Einstein”

Now here was his contribution to a thought provoking question: What is causing this generation of excessive ignoramuses? According to Bradbury, it’s technology, but who creates technology? *cue dramatic music*. The fact is, we’re victim’s to a sinful world, ever since the fall of man we’ve been bearing the consequences of our mistake. Humans have a sinful nature, it’s what we’re born with. We have good intentions fueled by our God-given talents however our good intentions can be derailed by human nature. Such is the case with technology. Originally made to help humanity, we’ve exceeded it purpose by becoming so dependent on it that we can’t live without it and have taken away so many of our responsibilities that we ask nothing of ourselves.

In conclusion, technology in it of itself isn’t bad or this evil thing that that is eating up the minds of humanity. It’s our sinful nature that can take good things and use them so much that, like I said, they exceed there purpose. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here, technology is good we just have to keep it to its original purpose of being an aid, not a crutch. Another fact of life is that though we are sinful we have the ability to strive for goodness and brilliance, all by the grace of God we can accomplish wonderful things. It’s amazing how a piece of produce can effect so much. ;)


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