My Mini & Me

We all knew the day would come when I would mention cars. And here it is. My favorite car is a Mini Cooper…. I’ve had my eye on these babies for years but my love expanded even more when one day I saw a Mini cruse by me with the Union Jack on its roof. My eyes were opened and it was like falling in love all over again! Time passed and my love with Mini Coopers grew and finally one day I told my good friend, Mark about my adoration with this certain brand of car and being the gentleman that he is promised that he would buy me a Mini Cooper with the Union Jack on it. To my joy and surprise I didn’t have to wait to be a legal to get my dream car for as a late Christmas present he gave me a mini Mini Cooper…. My dream is now complete. ;>


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  1. You need to get together with my hubby…he owns one. He even has a Mini Union Jack iPhone cover…☺

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