If the First Detox does not Succeed, try try again…..

I’m beginning to see a pattern…. A the beginning of this week my older sister walked into my parents room (which is where we all congregate in the morning) and proposed the idea of us doing a detox were we would only eat raw fruit and 100% juice smoothies which could basically be classified as meal substitutes. I was more than willing to join the effort seeing that during winter one can get mighty sluggish, and my mom was more than willing to fund the at home detox. That afternoon we walked into Whole Foods with a mission, getting fruit and Bolthouse farms smoothies. Though we were slightly derailed at the prepared foods section buying two of Whole Foods famous chicken pot pies to celebrate with once it was over, we were quickly back on track. Then of to Target (am I name dropping?) for other necessities. Once we got home we started to falter a bit by eating BREAD. It was whole wheat bread with avocado but bread none the less. After this we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t very bad and decided to include bread in our meal “plan” as long as it was whole wheat/grain. At this point on the first day of our detox I realized that we had been here before. Only last fall had we decided to do a detox at the encouragement of my Green Machine drinking, kickboxing, bottomless pit of healthy food eating, what’s-best-for-your-body sister. Because of my experience I was able to realize the stumbling blocks of this juncture:

1) when you start to negotiate with yourself, step back and review your original goals. If your original goals were to starve yourself for a week or something extreme I’d reevaluate.
2) Don’t allow yourself to make the progression of: raw food diet< vegan< vegetarian<white meat only< no McDonald's your setting yourself up for failure. Stop it now.

So now at the closing of this week my sister was devoted to the cause, despite a few gummy bear/pizza distractions. I'm still a meat eater, I remembered how much I adore sweet potato's, and I'm doing Pilate's more. I may do this again except hopefully with more self-discipline. Therefore, aside from two cookies, 4 gummy bears, and some dark chocolate I think I did pretty good. ;)


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