J.W Waterhouse


     J.W Waterhouse is one of the best artists in my opinion. His colouring, expression and angles are gorgeous. Waterhouse was during my favorite period in art: the Victorian era (future post to come!)  in that time the most popular subjects for art were mystical characters in Greek mythology, legends or  plays.  Waterhouse,  however, was able to capture whatever story he was trying to tell a put it in a way that still showed mystery. In the picture above, Miranda- The Temptest ,  your the viewer, you never see her face but theres an understanding of who she is. This just one of Waterhouse’s many talents as an artists. Trivia Fact: Waterhouse was known for his love of red hair, in fact he changed the hair of a brunette model (usually his wife) to red to make it “more becoming”. Here are pics of some of his works. These images i copied from google i dont own any of them!




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