Trina Shaurt Hyman

I LOVE THIS ILLISTRATOR!!!!!!!! I first discovered this Trina Shaurt Hyman in a version of  Canterbury Tales and then in Peter Pan ( her version is the only kind I check out due to the fact her Peter Pan looks like one of my best friends). I copy alot of her work in childrens books and consider her one of the most expressive illistrators I’ve seen. Most people undermine the true signifigance of a good illistrator. Granted, many people have different views on how a certain charater should look even if the author gives a description. However, a good illistrator can take a feature that is universial and translate it in a way that even though it may not be exactly like how you invisioned you can still see pieces where your image and theirs collide. Its an art that is not taken lightly and Hyman’s distinct style  is a wonder.


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