My basement is like many others in America. It’s the home of the washer and dryer and some odds and ends we’ve totally forgotten about. However, It’s also the home of my art studio. I use that term loosely however since its not really a proper studio but I love it and it serves its purpose beautifully. Whenever I’ve had a hard day of homeschooled high school (twice as academically  hard as public or private high school) or am just feeling exasperated or confused I can go to the studio and draw or paint  and in the end everything feels right again and I have another (hopefully) beautiful piece of art.


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  1. baumgarten girls January 26, 2012 — 6:15 pm

    we love your new art blog…you are so talented!! Can hardly wait to wear a t shirts.

  2. Did you pain the painting after the title page of the great gatsby? I love it! I am so glad to see some of your wonderful posts again. Oh, and I want a t-shirt too!

  3. Alexandra Dominguez January 27, 2012 — 11:18 pm

    I love your work sis! You are incredibly talented and I must say… at times, I envy your passion and dedication to art. Keep on progressing into the amazing artist I know you can be. Just, please remember that I totally call dibs on holding/hosting your opening night gala at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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